Tiger Talks chosen charity is Tiger Time, which is a campaign of the David Shepherd wildlife foundation. DSWF support a wide range of innovative and vital projects making a real difference to the world we live in. We need to stand up and protect the planet we live in,  as we continue destructive behavior like deforestation we take away precious habitat that these amazing creatures so desperately need to hunt in and survive.

As forest dwellers, tigers play a critical part in the eco-systems that keep us all alive but, since the turn of the last century we have lost almost 97% of the world’s wild tigers. Protecting the precious populations that remain and their forest homes means that we protect us all.

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“At Tiger Time we work to protect wild tigers in India, Thailand and the Russian Far East.  We combine anti-poaching, park protection and undercover investigations into wildlife crime with demand reduction, education and community outreach programs, helping to raise awareness and to change hearts and minds so that tigers can thrive and survive and our campaign to end the trade in tigers forms a key part in everything that we do.

The tiger has been in crisis for over 100 years; keeping its plight at the forefront of people’s thoughts and on the international agenda is vital if we want our children and their children to grow up in a world with wild tigers.  We believe that change only comes when you engage individuals, communities and businesses to act together.

Working with White Tiger to raise funds and awareness is one example of that engagement. With our rapidly expanding social media reach we can help like-minded individuals and businesses share their passion for tiger conservation and, we hope, create a network of mutual support for each other and for wild tigers”

Vicky Flynn
Head of Brand and Communications

To sign up to our petition to ban the trade in tigers see www.bantigertrade.com


Founder (Founder)

Angela Fumpson has a passion for Tigers and looking after their habitat

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