From a small girl only knee high I was fascinated by the Tiger, as time went on I became interested in all wild cats but the White Tiger particularly captured my heart. I grew up in Wales but had family across the bridge in Bristol so I have many memories of staring through the glass at the White Tigers who were resident at the zoo then. They are such beautiful creatures and to think there are only a few thousand left in the world saddens me immensely. This is the reason I have vowed to do what I can to support the goal for increasing their numbers – this is my why and it drives both Tiger Talks and my business White Tiger. Tigers in captivity can never be released so are sentenced to a life behind bars forever, we need to support the charities devoted to protecting our planet and their habitat. We have a major battle educating people and governments not to trade, farm and use Tiger parts; the bigger the events and the more we share the further the message goes. Let’s get this started – a ripple effect across the globe!

I set up Tiger talks as a way to bring people together to raise money for my chosen charity Tiger Time. Tiger Talks is an opportunity to bring fantastic speakers together for an afternoon of self development and inspiration.

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